Sermon 2017-04-02

“Called out to larger life” Pastor Jeff Hansen

Sermon 2017-03-26

“Seeing is believing…seeing is believing” Pastor Jeff Hansen

Seeking Sanctuary

Maybe you can help me… I’m wondering how something like sanctuary can become a dirty word (after all, it has more than 4 letters), a controversial subject, a threatening idea that elicits threats from others? The “sacred space” in our church building is called “the sanctuary”; just so you know, I think all space and place is sacred since it’s…

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2017 Annual Gathering of the Minnesota Reconciling Congregations & Communities

“A Call for Biblical Obediance” Retired Bishop Melvin Talbert

Ministry Fair Pictures

We had a ministry fair/ progressive lunch on February 26th after the 10am service. Special thanks to Connie Thompson for taking these pictures!

Sermon 2017-02-26

“A moment of clarity, that leads to…” (What/who goes up…) Pastor Jeff Hansen

Take the wrong way home?

Hey, ya got a minute? I heard a “blast from the past” last week. “Take the Long Way Home” by the group Supertramp was playing as I shopped in a store. You know how music can sometimes transport you to another place and time? You hear the tune, the words, and without any effort or thought you’re back in the…

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Just another day in paradise

Hey, how ya’ doin’? Feels like spring today! But, remember a week or so ago? Walking back to church after a coffee warm-and-wake-up, I find myself hunching up my shoulders, bending over a bit at the waist, holding my hood so the wicked wind doesn’t peel it off my head. It’s brutally cold, even without the wind, which does its…

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The Coming Light

Hello, Peace. I wrote this last night. It was a terrible night. The dog got sick around 3:00. I’ll spare you the details but it involved getting him and the rug onto which he expressed his inner self out of the house and into the subzero cold at a time when all God’s creatures should be snug in their beds,…

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Hold those stones

Hey, do you have time for a few thoughts before, or after, or while you vote? On the last Sunday of October I referred in the sermon to the story of “the woman caught in adultery” from the gospel of John. It had come up in a conversation that Bryan Stevenson, author of Just Mercy, had had with a woman…

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