2020 Vision

Who are we? What inspires us as part of Spirit of Hope? What can we do better to reach new people, grow in love of God and neighbor, and heal a broken world?

2020 Vision Update 2-21-16

The next step …

  • Review 2020 Vision – Recommendation to Church Admin Council April 2015
  • Here are the next steps the Church Ad Council agreed on:
    • Each of us (from the Council) will share the presentation with others on our ministry teams and solicit input on concrete plans and goals related to the focus areas we touch (Worship, Education, etc.)
    • The 2020 team, working with Craig Hotvedt and Jeff Hansen, will determine the best way for the Council to consolidate the input from the teams and the next meeting and provide an opportunity to collaborate on finalizing plans.
    • The Finance and Stewardship tens will work with 2020 to begin thinking about how we could build a campaign around our goals and objectives coming out of the 2020 plans.
    • Feel free to reach out to Wilson Garland if you have any questions.
  • Information below (work in progress)  is how we got to the recommendations … your input/feedback is appreciated!

Work in progress …

Session 1: Introduction to 2020 Vision ~ January 18, 2015

  • What do you see as unique about our church?
  • What makes you feel a part of Spirit of Hope?
  • What is one thing that brings you to church even when they do’t feel like coming?
  • Can you think of an experience you have had as part of Spirit of Hope where you felt like God was working through you?

Over the next few months a number of us will be leading this initiative on the behalf of the Church Council to help us find out. Everyone is invited to participate?

Session 2: What is our vision? ~ February 8, 2015
1. What is the situation in the external Community (Mission Field) we serve?
– Community situation (demographics, lifestyle segments, families, etc.)?
– Spiritual needs?
2. What are our strengths and weaknesses as a church?
– What are we most proud of?
– Why do people come? Why do they stay?
– What makes us different? (small group exercises)
– What gets in our way? (individual reflective exercise)
3. Based on what we have discussed, what do we want to be (vision)?
– What is our role in the community?
– Who do we want to reach?
– What does our “new brand” say about who we are?
– What’s our hope for what SOH looks like in 5 years? (group exercise)

Session 3: What are our goals? ~ March 8, 2015 ~  2020 Vision 030815 pdf handout
1. Recap of Session 1
– What did we learn about ourselves?
– What did we learn about our community?
– Do we still believe our vision?
2. What are the implications of our vision?
– What strengths do we need to build on?
– What do we need to change?
– What new opportunities do we have that we haven’t talked about?3. Based on what we have talked about, what are our goals for the next 3-5 years?

– Outreach goals?
– Member engagement goals?
– Spiritual growth goals?

Session 4: How do we get there? ~ April 12, 2015
1. What are the implications of the goals and objectives (by team/committee)?
– How can we build on what we are doing to support the goals?
– How do we need to change what we are doing to support the goals?
2. What types of resources do we need to engage to ale these things happen?
– People?
– Other resources?
3. How are we going to organize the work?
– How do we best work together?
– What is the right timeline? What is realistic?

Other Options for Participation:

We will be sending people out into the community in between our Discovery and Planning sessions and doing work to understand our neighbors.

Prayer Walks through the Community: explorations to discern what the comment needs are.

Study Team: review demographic and lifestyle reports to explore areas of focus.

Community Engagement Meetings: meet with key leaders in the community to discover community service priorities.