Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team works together to shape the vision and direction of Spirit of Hope.

Church Council 
The Church Council consists of all committee/team chairs and some at-large members.  This is the official decision making body of the congregation.  The Council envisions, plans, implements and annually evaluates the overall mission and ministry of the congregation.

  • Lay Leader
    The Lay Leader advocates on behalf of the congregation to the minister, models responsible and faithful discipleship, builds awareness within the congregation, and assist the Administrative Church Council in interpreting not only procedural and theological issues in governing the church, but also, assist the council to look for and take advantage of opportunities to interpret the mission and ministry of the congregation to the community.
  • Lay Member of Annual Conference
    The voting delegate to the UMC Annual Conference. Each conference is required to consist of an equal number of lay members and ministerial members. Lay members may speak and vote on all items coming before the Annual Conference with the exception of ministerial membership, relationships, ordination and election of clergy delegates to Jurisdictional and General Conferences.

Administrative Committees

  • Finance 
    The Finance Committee oversees the finances of the congregation. It prepares a yearly budget which it submits to the church council.
  • Staff-Parish Relations 
    Staff Parish Relations (SPR) serves as the church’s personnel or Human Resource Department. It interviews, hires and evaluates staff. It also serves in an advisory capacity to the Bishop and District Superintendent regarding the appointment of the Pastor. In addition, it oversees the administrative functions/training of the church office staff. Staff-Parish Relations assists the pastor and staff in assessing their gifts and setting priorities for leadership and service.
  • Trustees
    The Trustees is responsible for all church property.  It oversees maintenance.  Along with the pastor, it oversees the use of church buildings and grounds.  It maintains adequate insurance coverage on church property and submits an annual budget request for insurance, property maintenance and improvement, and new property purchases.

Tool Box Club
A group of volunteers who do chores or fix/repair/update minor projects within the church building and grounds.

Community Building 

  • Lay Leadership (Nominating) and Ministry Opportunities
    Christian spiritual leaders are identified, developed, deployed, evaluated and monitored to carry out the congregational ministries that fulfill the mission of making disciples and transforming the community.  The committee guides church leaders on matters related to laity in leadership in the congregation.
  • Gifts and Memorials
    The Gifts and Memorials team solicits and monitors designated and undesignated gifts given to the Memorial Fund.  It tracks the fund balances and works with the Church Administrative Council to approve expenditures from Memorial Funds.  It mails acknowledgement notes to contributors and creates memorial pages for the Spirit of Hope Memorial Book.
  • Ministry Trust Fund
    Provides a source of special funds for worthy programs and projects within the church, our community and the world.

Ministry Teams ~ The membership of Ministry Teams is flexible. The teams are encouraged to recruit and include other persons with interest in and passion for their area of ministry. Likewise, persons are free to drop off at their discretion.

  • GIFT Team (Growing in Faith Together) 
    The GIFT team encourages our members to be good managers of their resources and generous with their time, talent and treasures to minister through Spirit of Hope to the world.
  • Hospitality
    Welcoming and inviting all to share in Spirit of Hope’s community.  When a guest is given a warm welcome and pleasant environment, a greater openness and ability to engage in worship there is a greater likelihood of connection to Spirit of Hope during this stage of their spiritual journey. The team organizes meals, celebrations and special events  to enrich community life within the church connecting, engaging, belonging.
  • Community Meal 
  • Congregational Care Ministry
    The Congregational Care Ministry exists to meet the needs of our church family.  It works within the framework of the ministry of Jesus Christ to provide confidential care to those facing life’s spiritual, emotional, and physical challenges. Our ministry is expressed in many different ways including visits to the hospital, nursing home, and homebound.  Using church church and community resources, the committee responds to real-life needs through lay-led care teams supported by pastoral and professional staff.
  • Life Transitions

New Members
Wedding Coordinator
Funeral Meal Coordinator

  • Nursery, Children and Family Ministry 
    The Nursery, Children and Family team plans for Sunday School, ensures proper leadership and assists with classes and special activities.
  • Youth  and Family Ministry 
    Our youth program includes opportunities for children in 6th grade and older to come together for fellowship, group discussions, worship, Bible study and service.  We believe these encounters help our youth develop lasting friendships, as they start to figure out who they are and transition into young adulthood and the larger Christian community.
  • Adult Ministry ~

Adult education featuring speakers or videos of scholars in religious and other fields, followed by discussion.

  • Music
    The Music team coordinates the music of the musicians, including choir, orchestra, children’s choirs and bell choirs.
  • IT Tech Team 
  • Missions 
    The Missions team plans the congregation’s ministry to the needy, poor and marginalized both locally and abroad. The Missions Team oversees current projects and evaluate new ones. They also recommend recipients for Spirit of Hope’s special offerings at Christmas and Easter.
  • Outreach
    The Outreach Committee works to ensure that visitors feel welcomed.  It helps integrate newcomers into the life of the congregation. This committee organizes advertising and outreach programs.
  • Reconciling and Social Justice Ministries
    The Reconciling Committee endeavors to keep our church and the wider community aware that Spirit of Hope is a  reconciling community welcoming people of all sexual orientations.  The committee advertises and hosts outreach events for the community like concerts, speakers, movies and hosts tables at GLBT events.  It acts as a liaison between Spirit of Hope and the MN Reconciling Ministries Network of the United Methodist Church.  The committee strongly encourages congregation members and friends to participate in activities like OutFront Minnesota’s Day on the Hill and the annual Minneapolis Gay Pride event’s Reconciling Ministry activities.  The committee maintains public signs of welcome to GLBT persons, including a rainbow flag on the side of the building.  This is an open committee; anyone who wishes to participate is welcome.
  • Worship Team
    Working with other ministry leaders so that worship celebrates the whole life of the congregation and community.  Encouraging a “balanced” team approach to worship planning led by the pastor.

Sanctuary Preparation 
Youth Acolyte 
Worship Liturgists/Readers 

  • Office Staff 
    The office manager and administrator undertake a range of functions and responsibilities to make sure the administration activities within Spirit of Hope run smoothly, including balancing the needs of staff, volunteers and congregants.

Information Technology (IT) Support 
The technical team advises the Spirit of Hope staff regarding technical purchases, installs new hardware and software, and provides support on all technology platforms.