Celebrate Today

This is Thursday, the sun is shining… REJOICE!

Just another day in paradise

Hey, how ya’ doin’? Feels like spring today! But, remember a week or so ago? Walking back to church after a coffee warm-and-wake-up, I find myself hunching up my shoulders, bending over a bit at the waist, holding my hood so the wicked wind doesn’t peel it off my head. It’s brutally cold, even without the wind, which does its…

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The Coming Light

Hello, Peace. I wrote this last night. It was a terrible night. The dog got sick around 3:00. I’ll spare you the details but it involved getting him and the rug onto which he expressed his inner self out of the house and into the subzero cold at a time when all God’s creatures should be snug in their beds,…

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Hold those stones

Hey, do you have time for a few thoughts before, or after, or while you vote? On the last Sunday of October I referred in the sermon to the story of “the woman caught in adultery” from the gospel of John. It had come up in a conversation that Bryan Stevenson, author of Just Mercy, had had with a woman…

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When grief comes home

Dear Friends, Grief. Whether we want to or not, we have to deal with it. Sooner or later loss comes, sad stuff happens. If it happens directly to us, we do what is necessary to find our way through, almost always with the assistance of others. When it happens to others close to us, we offer what we can, some…

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Dear friends, Welcome to this perch on the church webpage! As some of you know we are in a transition, moving away from the paper newsletter and into more electronic communications. We’re doing this both to better use resources (we’ll spare a whole bunch of trees and toner ink bushes!) and to place ourselves where more people are seeking and…

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  Paul David Stanko, Instrumental Music Coordinator pdstanko@spiritofhopeumc.org A multi-instrumentalist as well as composer, arranger and singer, Paul David has various church families as a church musician for over 25 years.  Paul David graduated from Coe College with a degree in percussion performance studying under such teachers as Dr. Paul Smoker (The Paul Smoker Trio, Joint Venture), Dave Samuels (Spyro…

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