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Covid Cardinal Watch

Dear Hope-full Friends, It was a tense afternoon at our house. For some time, we’ve watched a pair of cardinals coming and going from the Korean Lilac that is situated about 10 feet straight out from our front door. We’ve wondered, do they just like being inside this dense little shrub/tree? Is it the security it provides? Do they find…

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Holy howling!

Greetings, Hopeful friends, I’ve been thinking… dangerous I realize, but let’s risk it. What I’ve been thinking about – in this “quiet time” is – being quiet. I am an advocate of being quiet in order to pay attention to what’s going on inside of oneself. I don’t claim to do it well, but I realize I have always been…

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Adventures in Facebook Land

Hello, hopeful ones, I have succumbed to Facebook. I resisted mightily for years. I finally crumbled, cracked, surrendered. I think of it as “going over to the Dark Side” – not that it’s evil in itself, but for someone who already has time management issues, it’s a potential time black hole. So, if you hear a “giant sucking sound” it…

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Bring out your junk!

Dear Hopefully Spirited Ones, Things have been disappearing from our neighborhood at a stunning rate! Just yesterday literally truckloads of items vanished! It’s our turn this year. The annual springtime “bring out your junk” (Yes, that is a Monty Python allusion. That is as far as I shall go with it now for various reasons.) event has come to our…

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Seen sideways

Dear Hopefully Spirited Ones, March 25, 2020 A friend sent me a message Sunday afternoon: “Saw you sideways this am. Fun. Good reflection.” I laughed immediately, because it was funny. But, I admit it also troubled me. We’ve got to straighten that out! That’s kind of embarrassing! And I was stuck in that spot for a couple days. Isn’t it…

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FaceBook Streaming Sunday 3/22

Dear Spirit of Hope community, As promised, we will offer a worship experience of sorts on Sunday morning at or around 10:00 a.m. via the church Facebook page. You can go to the church website (www.spiritofhopeumc.org), and click on the Facebook link tucked into the announcement about the corona virus-related cancellations and shut down. Tom and Susan Williams have quickly…

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Dear Spirit of Hope community, COVID-19 continues to shock our system, short-circuit our connections, and undo our ways of doing things. Still, we are here, and we will stay connected as a spiritual community in as many ways as we are able. However, we will not be meeting in worship or other ways, as we would usually do. We need…

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