Bring out your junk!

Dear Hopefully Spirited Ones,

Things have been disappearing from our neighborhood at a stunning rate! Just yesterday literally truckloads of items vanished! It’s our turn this year.
The annual springtime “bring out your junk” (Yes, that is a Monty Python allusion. That is as far as I shall go with it now for various reasons.) event has come to our part of town, which means that we can dispose of just about anything, for free, by simply putting it out on the curb. I know, this is my tax dollar at work so it’s not really free. But it feels like it!
The pickup began yesterday (Wednesday) as garbage trucks roared around gobbling up the piles of cast-off stuff. The volume and variety of things that leave the vicinity is really quite amazing. Equally amazing is what people have, what they/we set out, and the great sorting that happens as cars and trucks, vans and SUVs troll the streets for items of value, either because they are in good shape and useable (I saw a nice dining room table and a massive antique headboard), or because they have resale, recycling value. Lots of things were scooped up because they had valuable metal in them.
A lot of recycling happens. A lot of stuff is redeemed in some way. A lot of people find useful items and attain nice things for no cost. It’s a good event and a good practice. It’s helpful. And, in a time of holing up, hunkering down, keeping distance, and existing in high anxiety, it’s been good therapy and a good diversion. Some people went out walking, in part, because they were curious.
Now, whether such exchanges should happen during a time of rampant illness, that’s another issue altogether. Hopefully no corona virus was spread as people picked up other people’s stuff.
For now, I want to emphasize the helpful and healthy part of the exercise. Julie was so happy to get rid of things that were occupying our garage and basement, both of which can now breathe again, she decided to keep me around for a while! It was fun and fascinating to see what piled up in front of houses, and it was good to walk and wave and yell hello to people, keeping appropriate social distance, as the marketplace played out…and disappeared. It was also good discipline for those of us who love stuff to just keep walking without dragging something – that we don’t need – home!
A strange thing happened though. As people came down our street searching for buried treasure, I couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous, as the neighbors’ pile got much more attention and action than ours did. What?! Our stuff isn’t good enough for you?! Fine! Take their lawnmowers and washing machine!
So, the point of all this? Well, what needs to go? What has piled up inside, not just your home, but your head, your heart, your soul that’s making it hard for you to breathe and move and see clearly? What are you holding onto that might be of value to someone else? What good energy might you stir up, free up, turn loose as you do your own inner work, haul out the junk, and simply (not!) let go?
I’m sure there’s more, but I’ll leave that to you. We have time now as we do our “stay at home” duty. And, lest you get the impression that I think this is easy, it is not! This spiritual spring cleaning is hard. I seldom feel like doing it myself. Why, just writing this is taking days!! But, the energy needed may come, if invited. There is a rich Source. And, if nothing else motivates you, this is a chance to show your neighbors what you’re really made of… and what you’re not!
Shalom, Jeff