Sermon 2018-08-05

“Now that I have your attent– oh look! A white squirrel!”  Pastor Jeff Hansen.

Sermon 2018-07-29

“Hurt people…Whole people…”  Pastor Jeff Hansen

Sermon 2018-07-22

“Be in Touch” Penny Bonsell

Sermon 2018-07-15

“Miracles and Headwinds” by Bishop Bruce Ough.

Sermon 2018-07-08

“Driven by Rejection”  Riva Tabelisma.

Sermon 2018-07-01

“I may forget, but God remembers”  Pastor Ed DuBose.

Sermon 2018-06-24

“Braving the Storm” Lauren Rheingans

Sermon 2018-06-10

Pride – Paul David Stanko

Sermon 2018-05-27

“Every time I feel…overwhelmed” Pastor Jeff Hansen

Sermon 2018-05-20

“I couldn’t have imagined…”  Pastor Jeff Hansen