Spirit of Hope offers Sunday School classes for children who are in Kindergarten through 6th Grade. Classes meet on Sunday mornings from Kick Off Rally Day in September through mid-May.

Each week children gather in worship with their families for song and “Word with the children.” All kids meet teachers at the back of the Sanctuary where they will be escorted to their group gathering. After Sunday School all children are picked up by parents in the Fellowship Hall, the large room on the lower level, where we will have a closing song and prayer together.

In Sunday School, kids will learn core Bible stories through various activities to tie in to the week’s readings.

We are always looking for help!

  • Class leaders – stay with a group of children for the entire program year. This could be 2-4 people sharing leadership on a rotating basis.
  • Special guests – you are invited to be a special guest at Sunday school. Come share a talent, activity and your faith story with the children.

Milestone Ministry Program

The Milestone program will resume in September 2017 and is designed for children and their parent(s) to experience together.

Preschool and Kindergarten – Faith in the Home

  • lst Grade – Advent
  • 2nd Grade – Prayer
  • 3rd Grade – “A Bible of My Own” ~IMG_0515Parents and kids gather for a light lunch followed by a short lesson and hands-on activities to help them learn how to use their new Bibles. Your whole family can enjoy lunch together, and child care is available for other kids in the family during the lesson portion.
  • 4th Grade -Baptism
  • 5th Grade: Communion “Taste the Bread” 5th Graders will experience making ceramic communion cups on the pottery wheel. Family parent activity of baking bread, making banners and communion cups. Parents and kids come together for hands on activities learning about the Sacrament of Holy Communion The whole family is invited to enjoy lunch together and child care is available for other children in the family during the lesson portion of the event.
  • 6th Grade: Mission