Dear Spirit of Hope community,
COVID-19 continues to shock our system, short-circuit our connections, and undo our ways of doing things. Still, we are here, and we will stay connected as a spiritual community in as many ways as we are able.
However, we will not be meeting in worship or other ways, as we would usually do. We need to create distance so that we are not sharing the virus and allowing it to spread.
We are about sharing and spreading good things, infecting the world with love, offering ourselves in the spirit of Christ. We are working on ways to continue to do that good work. A work in progress and process for sure!
Tom and Susan Williams are working on enabling us to livestream some sort of worship experience this coming Sunday. Stay tuned for details as to how that will happen and how you can join in if you want to.
Other teams and committees are stepping back for a while. As staff we met via conference call today. So, there are ways to stay connected even as we provide appropriate distance.
Maybe that’s a goal – social distance, spiritual connection! We’ll keep at that. Take care of yourselves and each other, in Christ.