FaceBook Streaming Sunday 3/22

Dear Spirit of Hope community,

As promised, we will offer a worship experience of sorts on Sunday morning at or around 10:00 a.m. via the church Facebook page. You can go to the church website (www.spiritofhopeumc.org), and click on the Facebook link tucked into the announcement about the corona virus-related cancellations and shut down.

Tom and Susan Williams have quickly put together equipment and process for us to be able to stream on-line some Sunday morning content, plus other occasional offerings.

Jerry Rubino will pull together some of our rich musical talent to enrich what you see and hear. And I will throw in some stuff as well!

The evolving plan is to offer this content via YouTube as well. That is a work in progress. Stay tuned! More information to come.

We hope this not only helps to keep the Spirit of Hope community connected in this socially distant and anxious time, but perhaps becomes a way for others to find us and to find their lives deepened, blessed, and challenged in healthy ways.

Now, we are learning as we go, so we ask and appreciate your patience, your constructive and gracious criticism, and your support in whatever ways you are able to offer it.

Thank you. Take care. Stay well. And a suggestion that while we are
socially distant we remain spiritually connected, in Christ.