Praise through Music!

At Spirit of Hope we enhance our worship of God by allowing ourselves to express our faith through hearing and participating in musical expressions.  Every worship service is unique because classical, traditional and contemporary forms of music are used. Just as our congregation is diverse, so is our musical style.

Our music program at Spirit of Hope offers:

  • Congregational singing as part of worship, including traditional hymns as well as
    praise and worship songs.
  • Opportunity to discover, nurture and offer the artistic gifts we have been given by God.
  • Leadership of three keyboard instruments: a 16-rank pipe organ, a 6-foot Yamaha grand piano, and a Kurzweil electric keyboard
  • Cultural enrichment opportunities for the church community, including multiple church and interfaith opportunities.
  • Outreach to the world through our compact disc, “Many Gifts, One Spirit.”
  • Participation in several ensembles.

You are welcome to participate in any of our ensembles on a short-term basis and not feel as though you must make a year-long commitment. The ability to match pitch is the only requirement for the participation in the choir, and we promise many things: free voice lessons as part of the rehearsals, sharper performance skills, fellowship with others and the opportunity to nurture and offer your gifts as part of worship!

Our philosophy: We love it when you’re here and bless you when you’re gone!” That means attendance every Sunday is more than welcome, but not required, to participate. 

“Hallelujah Chorus”