Music Videos

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Feb 9, 2014 Spirit of Hope Men’s Quartet including Mark Saunders, Max Wojtanowicx, Tom Witry and Minister of Music, Jerry Rubino, Featuring Melissa

A Child of God
Sept 16, 2013 – Phil Hall wrote this inspiring song.  Sensitively and beautifully presented by Max Wojtanowicz and Jerry Rubino at Spirit of Hope UMC in Golden Valley, MN

Easter Medley
Mar 31, 2013 – Director of Instrumental Music Ministry
Paul David Stanko, Golden Valley, MN

“Credo” from Robert Ray’s Gospel Mass
Mar 31, 2013 – Spirit of Hope Quartet
Melissa O’Neill, Susan Hofflander, Max Wojtanowicz, Tom Witry Piano: Jerry Rubino (muisc minister) Drums: Paul David Stanko (instrumental music minister) Bass: Bill