Seen sideways

Dear Hopefully Spirited Ones, March 25, 2020
A friend sent me a message Sunday afternoon: “Saw you sideways this am. Fun. Good reflection.” I laughed immediately, because it was funny.
But, I admit it also troubled me. We’ve got to straighten that out! That’s kind of embarrassing! And I was stuck in that spot for a couple days.
Isn’t it wonderful to have all this “in place” time to think? To go over and over those things that you said, that you should’ve said, that you shouldn’t have said, that you did, that you didn’t do, that you shouldn’t have done, that you should’ve done differently!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
Then, Tuesday night as I was signing off, it shifted, and I thought, no, that’s perfect! And brilliantly put! I was seen sideways on Sunday morning as we launched our inaugural live-stream effort at some sort of “socially distanced” worship experience – our whole little crew was seen sideways! (Were we heard sideways too? Hmmm….)
And, my hat’s off (because it won’t stay on tipped sideways as I am) to Jerry Rubino, Susan and Tom Williams, and Jeff Becker for their time, thought, interest, effort, investment, and good spirit in the liftoff of this Sunday thing. I hope we are able to continue it through Covid-19 and beyond! (Are you interested in helping? I’d like to hear from you.)
So, we were all “seen sideways”, which seems only right at this moment because that’s how the whole world is! It’s been thrown off, kicked over, knocked onto its backside, or its side-side, or, so that its up-side is down.
It’s not news to anyone that the corona virus has disrupted the entire world. Everything is in disarray, and that is the way it’s going to be for a while. Our governor has just asked us all to stay home for two weeks beginning this Friday night. Our bishop has asked us to suspend “in person” worship services through May 10th at least.
That takes us nearly a month beyond Easter! Which tells us that Easter is definitely out – or in – to be more accurate. We won’t be going out for Easter. Change of plans. And that too, strange as it feels, is how it should be. Easter is the ultimate thrown-off event. It is an uprising that was not to have happened! Preceded by a brutal “up-lifting” that should not have been! And it launched an ongoing, loving, unending, unearthing of life anew all over the place!
So, here we are, knocked sideways, all our plans and usual ways of doing things having been run off the road, down into the ditch – and for some – into the very grave. Our world is undone for now by a virus. Can anyone question now the power of small things?
And, in small ways, relying on the power of small, good things, maybe sequestered in our own small places, we will observe Easter. What will the rising look like this time? And where will it take us?
Wherever that is, we go with God, and rise together, in Christ.