Pastor’s Welcome

Greetings! Welcome! You found us! Spirit of Hope United Methodist Church in Golden Valley, Minnesota. Maybe you were looking for us. Maybe you stumbled onto this site inadvertently. Or maybe you are searching right now for a church that is open, alive, and engaged in its community and world, as well as with God? Whatever brought you to us (and we think God had something to do with it!) we are glad you’re here!

So, stick around for a while, dig around, see what we are up to. You might decide this is just the place and people you’ve been looking for! Or not. That’s okay too. We won’t take it personally.

Coming or going, checking in or checking out, curious enough to come visit in person, or thinking you probably won’t – thank you for stopping here today. We wish you all the beauty and goodness God can bring your way, in Christ!