Developing friendships, as our youth explore who they are and transition into young adulthood.

SOH-youth-002Our youth ministry (6th – 12th grade) is focused on:

  • nurturing and grow the Christian faith of youth.
  • equipping youth with the skills needed to lead a full and meaningful life.
  • providing a safe environment for youth in which they can thrive.

We continue to work on the Christian formation of our youth, and their integration into the wider church community.  Our goal is to provide our youth with a safe place to explore issues of faith, morals, social justice, and service.  Our youth also grow and learn about their faith through retreats, lock-ins, service projects and mission trips.

SOH-youth-001Our youth program includes opportunities for 6th – 12th graders to come together for fellowship, group discussions, worship, Bible study and service.  We believe these encounters help our youth develop lasting friendships, as they start to figure out who they are and transition into young adulthood and the larger Christian community.

For more information contact Riva Tabelisma, Youth Minister or Wilson Garland, Youth Ministry Team Chair.